Born in Singapore in 1953. Spent childhood in Asia.

Return to France: another language, another world, another climate.

She studied literature, linguistics, and history of art and film.

In 1974 she settled in Paris, where she experiences strong artistic connections with painters, musicians and sculptors from around the world. She became fascinated by silent movies.

Start of photographs of artists’ studios.

In 1980 she was selected by French editor André Barret for the book Vitrines de Paris, in colour, with Robert Doisneau and Olivier Garros.

In 1981 she discovered Toledo, in Spain, during the project for the book The Prophets, on stained glass windows at Romont, Switzerland by Sergio de Castro.

In 1982 she took pictures, for Lebanese architect Antoine Mamari, in the United Arab Emirates.

In 1985 she discovered Naples and worked on the multiculturalism of the French city of Saint-Denis. She initiated the mythological theme Icarus with the Moroccan artist Hafid Mourbat.

From 1986 to 2007, she works in the industry world for different international companies, in colour and in black and white.

She photographed models in Paris and New York from 1989 until 1995.

Since the early 2000s she has been working on series, like Archipelago, from 2000 to 2008, with different formats. His work on Europa is constant.

In 2006 she makes a second Icarus, a series of photographs and videos about the mythological theme with French filmmaker Balthazar Berling.

From 2002 to 2016, she travels to Sicily, Ireland Poland, La Galite (Tunisia), Croatia, Montenegro, Sarajevo, Cyprus, Sardinia, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Denmark…

Since 2015 she have been developing portraits of musicians, South America writers and also participating on a social mission for PhotoCare. At the same time, she have been also working on a personal project about still life.

Her studio is the basis of a constant work on light.